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monarch butterfly standing on a narrowleaf milkweed plant


The San Diego Monarch Initiative will aid the repopulation of the North American monarch butterfly in the southern California region. Biologists have recorded dangerously low counts since 2018 with a particular sharp decline in recent years; numbers have dropped from 4.5 million in the 1980s to a record low of fewer than 2,000 last winter during their annual migration, representing a staggering 99% decline. One of the main challenges monarchs face today is the destruction of their native habitat, a driving force of their near extinction status, along with the use of toxic herbicides.

Considering that the native habitat and food source of the North American monarch, commonly known as narrowleaf milkweed (A. fascicularis), has also experienced significant decreases, migratory routes across the U.S. have dwindled significantly. Without the native milkweed species that hosts the caterpillars prior to their transformation into butterflies, the monarch population has limited opportunities to flourish. This is precisely why we are choosing to make it our target in order to assist the restoration of the native ecosystem for the monarch population to thrive. 

The North American monarch was recently enlisted as “endangered or threatened” under the Endangered Species Act by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on December 15, 2020. Although California conservationist groups have made recent efforts to mitigate this issue, we are calling on the general public to become active participants in our efforts to widen this cause. 

two monarch caterpillars on a narrowleaf milkweed plant's flowering branch


🦋Saturdays in the Garden🦋

Calling all San Diego residents!

Join us at Terra Madre Gardens starting Saturday November 13th 9am-4pm, every second Saturday of the month.

Drop by for a few hours or stay for the day. This is a family-friendly event open to people of all ages & walks of life, more details below. 


Terra Madre Gardens (San Diego, California)  

What to Bring:

Closed-toed shoes, hat, garden gloves, reusable water bottle, light snacks & friends 


Contact Adam  619-693-6014


Other Ways to Support the San Diego Monarch Initiative

Grow a Butterfly Garden:

Those who would like to grow narrowleaf milkweed and have knowledge & supplies for a personal operation may contact us directly (seeds/plants dispersed upon availability and geographic location). We welcome inquiries for collaborations and feedback on other possible avenues to get more people involved. We also encourage folks to start initiatives in their local areas, especially along historic migration routes. 


All donations are welcomed regardless of the amount. Donations will be geared toward start-up costs, specifically the cultivation of 100-150 narrowleaf milkweed plants. Immediate costs to consider include seeds/plants, water bills, irrigation equipment, transportation, leasing of the land, maintenance & labor. Donors will have the option to opt into our monthly newsletter by request. 

Monarch Count:

Everyone can participate in the larger efforts to revitalize the monarch population by submitting data to the Western Monarch Count as well as the Monarch Milkweed Mapper



Brought to you by Red Earth Movement

Red Earth Movement is an autonomous movement mobilized for the well-being of the ecosystem & the people. Spearheaded by Red Earth Ovens, the focus of Red Earth Movement is to tune into the natural rhythms of the earth and actively participate in the revitalization of our environments. We encourage our local community to join us for the various workshops and community events regarding food security, native habitat restoration, ancestral foods, farming & seed-saving, and related topics. If you would like to stay informed about our upcoming events find us on social media or contact us directly.  

IG: @redearthovens



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Monarch Butterfly flying above Narrowleaf Milkweed plant
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