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Designing and installing gardens in one of the core features that Red Earth Ovens provides.

The goal is to assist the people in developing the symbiotic relationship between seeds and people.

When our gardens are thriving & abundant, our health is resilient. If you are interested in having a Living Earth Garden and cultivating a seed-to-table food system contact us to get started. 


We provide a vast array of options that can be customized to each individual or community's specific needs. From small backyard spaces to acres of land, we specialize in cultivating it back to Living Earth. Our gardens provide delicious nourishing food to feed you and your family using sustainable and regenerative methods.

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Our team has many different levels of support to help you maintain your thriving, beautiful garden. Maintenance packages include pruning, weeding, harvesting, planting for new seasons, and general upkeep. We consult with you to create a maintenance program to suit your lifestyle and specific needs.

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We use materials to build your beds depending on your esthetic preference and garden’s needs. We have various options including wood, brick, stone, as well as the latest building technology Aircrete. Our beds are also constructed to be pest resilient and equipped with high tech irrigation systems with solar powered timers.

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Our mentopship program is designed to help our clients tune into the natural rhythms of the seasons. We will help guide you in becoming more empowered with your connection to the earth and with growing food.
We will teach you how to caretake your garden in tune with natural time. This will include utilizing the seasonal sun calendar with a moon time planting guide.

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by Red Earth Ovens

The objective of creating a Living Earth Garden is to regenerate, cultivate, and care for our mother earth. We start with our own biodiverse living soil to create a fertile environment and build systems that you can easily learn & grow an abundance of food with. 

Soil is the foundation for a thriving garden, as well as the foundation for all of life. It is the source that provides the nutrients for all plants to grow and live. Living soil is described as having the following four components; aliveness, diversity, air, and moisture. Microbes in healthy soil create resilient plants which equals healthy resilient people. 

We want our clients to become self sufficient and feel empowered through this process. When we work together, you become part of a family network of support. We are co-stewards and cultivating your land is a contribution to the environmental impact of the whole. Together we can co-create a new earth, a Living Earth.

  • Living Earth Garden Soil

Our living soil is comprised of full spectrum mineral content, thriving mico-organisms, balanced ph and bacteria, and is custom made in house by Living Earth Garden. Our goal is to grow resilient, living, healthy soil to grow and sustain thriving plants. The solution is right under our feet. Microbes are the secret to a breathing, drinking, and eating soil. These effective micro-organisms help heal and build the immune system of the soil. Soil is the foundation of life, healthy soil equals to healthy people. 

  • Non-GMO & Heirloom Seeds

 Heirloom seeds are important for preserving the genetic diversity of plants and are highly nutritious! We use the highest quality organic, heirloom seeds along with ancient agricultural practices passed on by our ancestors by planting in accordance with the seasons, moon, and sun cycles. 

  • Companion Planting

The practice of knowing the relationships between different varieties of plants and planting them accordingly to create the most beneficial results. We apply these principals of companion planting to our gardens which lead to healthier plants, less disease and insect issues, and more productive harvests.

Other Features:

  • Perimeter Design

    We utilize Native plants to naturally create fire protection and pest control around the perimeter of the garden.

  • Composting Station

    Set up to turn your kitchen scraps and weeds into fertile soil.

  • Water Filtration System

    Eliminates chlorine from city water to improve the quality of your food.

  • Harvesting Wash Area

    Shaded area to wash and prepare harvest.

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