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Red Earth Ovens provides the opportunity to create and celebrate mother earth’s gifts in the heart of an outdoor kitchen. The red earth oven cooks, roasts, and smokes inside of a red clay ceramic shell. It's an age-old method of experiencing unforgettable earthen flavors.



Locally sourced & Hand-made in Encinitas, CA

Each adobe oven is custom built and handcrafted with red clay ethically harvested directly from the earth. The oven allows us to nourish our bodies while indulging in a delicious abundance of foods. 

As we navigate the social web that values the convenience of a fast-paced lifestyle, Red Earth Ovens stays true to sustainable farming practices, traditional cooking techniques, and authentic flavors.

Red Clay Artisan Adobe Oven - Red Earth Ovens Outdoor Kitchens.jpg

Artisan Adobe Ovens

Hand-crafted from native California red clay, our ovens are custom built to our client's needs. 

Each Artisan Adobe Oven is strategically designed to each individual's landscape. 

Experience the authentic full-bodied tastes, aromas and sounds of sizzling goodness. 

Full Outdoor Kitchen 

Red Earth Ovens provides a full-service option for creating a living outdoor venue that is specifically designed to your land.

We advocate for and teach land-stewardship practices to ensure the existance of the next 7 generations and beyond. ​

Full Outdoor Kitchen Model - Red Earth Ovens Outdoor Kitchens.jpg
Starting a Fire to Cook in an Adobe Oven - Red Earth Ovens Outdoor Kitchens.jpg

Red Earth Fireplace 

At the heart of the Red Earth Oven is the sacred fireplace.

We burn only the highest quality of local hardwood such as oak. 

All firewood is gathered with sustainable practices that consider the ecology of the landscape. 

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