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Red Earth Ovens provides opportunities to create and celebrate mother earth’s gifts in the heart of an outdoor kitchen. The Red Earth Oven cooks, roasts, and smokes inside of a red clay ceramic shell. It's an age-old method of experiencing unforgettable earthen flavors. Each adobe oven is custom built and handcrafted with red clay ethically harvested directly from the earth. The oven allows us to nourish our bodies while indulging in a delicious abundance of foods. 

As we navigate the social web that values the convenience of a fast-paced lifestyle, Red Earth Ovens stays true to sustainable farming practices, traditional cooking techniques, and authentic flavors. The four main ingredients of our red clay ovens are:

Earth, Water, Air, & Fire.

Handcrafted from a proprietary blend of red clay, sand, ash, nopal, pine needles, and straw, each Red Earth Oven is custom built to suit the environment’s capacities and the client’s desires. These artisan red clay ovens are wood-fired, built stationary, and permanently on the ground for healthy outside cooking, family gatherings, and entertainment.

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Red Clay Adobe Oven Double-Decker - Red Earth Ovens Outdoor Kitchens.jpg



Generations of oven-makers have crafted this design drawing from ancient techniques & bridging them with modern methods.

The Red Earth Oven is a unique oven truly one of a kind with the capacity to cook a bounty of food due to its double-decker design.

The efficiency of the parabolic arch maximizes the space within the oven leaving room for a second floor to cook on while the fire burns from the bottom. 



Red Earth Oven Demo

Our Food Is Medicine demonstration features seasonally crafted cuisines where you will be able to experience the oven’s flavors as it was intended: with all five senses.

This demonstration includes a 3-course meal with full-service dining and is accommodating to groups of all sizes (Covid-19 safety guidelines are enforced). 

Immerse yourself in this educational food demo that covers topics all the way from seed saving to traditional cooking techniques. 

Outdoor Kitchen Demo - Red Earth Ovens Outdoor Kitchens.jpg
Earthen Oven Mitts - Red Earth Ovens Outdoor Kitchens.jpg


Site Assessment

The first step to having an oven built on your site is to schedule a consultation for a site assessment where you will receive your customized quote.

Our team is experienced in surveying and assessing sites of varying landscapes.

During this initial visit we identify our clients' needs, the capacities of the land, and the best plan of action that will breathe life into your vision. 

Contact us for pricing & details.

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Customizable to any landscape.

Looking to grow your food? Red Earth Ovens provides a full-service option where we provide everything needed to grow food in a 6-zone sustainable regenerative agriculture model, beginning to end. 

6-Zone Regenerative Agriculture Model: 

  1. The Red Earth Oven

  2. Garden

  3. Aquaponics

  4. Orchards

  5. Native Poultry

  6. Native Game



Red Earth Ovens provides a full-service option for generating a living outdoor venue complete with the six zones that allow all ecosystems to thrive. 

Whether you are in the beginning stages or you have already developed a model, we look foward to building with you!

Firewood Burning for Cooking - Red Earth Ovens Outdoor Kitchens.jpg

Handcrafted Artisan Adobe Ovens

Check out our Vimeo:

Highlights of an Oven Build

Each oven is handcrated and custom built to fit the environment & client's needs. 

Book a consultation and start building your vision with us today! 

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